People are at the forefront

In order to protect the environment and thereby to fulfil our customers’ wishes as best we can, we also want to see our staff respected, gain added value, if you will, and let them bring in their full potential.

We work at European Level. Our consolidated languages in all ranks are German and French.

What we think

All Hinneburg GmbH staff place high standards upon themselves. We are content when our customers are thrilled by our work. After all, our slogan reads: “Quality is what our customers think it is".

Good work safeguards the company and its staff’s future, but above all it protects people, nature and the environment.

We provide our coustomers with:

  • Huge expertise
  • A large field of applications
  • Comprehensive skills
  • Huge commitment
  • Flexibility
  • A high quality standard

We give our staff:

  • Training and advanced training
  • Growth through training
  • Respect
  • A sense of togetherness
  • Above-average benefits