25 years of experience in environmental protection

DH Hinneburg GmbH, founded by Dieter Hinneburg in 1986, first operated as a “nuclear service” provider in all fields of nuclear technology. The company specialised upon the application of practical radiation protection measures.

DH Hinneburg Gmbh
The founder of the company invented and produced shielding materials and logistical tools in conjunction with his sons, nephews and close co-workers. This friendly competition allowed DH Hinneburg GmbH to develop a globally unique shielding concept that reduces the level of ionising radiation.

Over the past few decades, the Hinneburg shielding method has much reduced the radiation level people in certain jobs are exposed to. This has also been recognised by European experts.

New jobs

The deregulation of the electricity market was the first huge challenge the second management generation of DH Hinneburg GmbH has successfully risen to. Uwe Hinneburg met it by producing complex shielding facilities and providing radiation protection specialists, among other things.

The year 2008 then ushered in a new era for the company: DH Hinneburg GmbH was turned into Hinneburg GmbH. The new logo symbolised both its loyalty to traditional customers and the newly developed market segments.

Hinneburg GmbH views the politically decided nuclear phase-out as a challenge and an opportunity. The company takes up this challenge by an international market expansion, a wider range of products and an expansion of its plant engineering and jigmaking segment.

Hinneburg Gmbh
We see the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy as chance to use our long standing skills for new branches of business.