The environment’s POV

We protect people, nature and the environment and try to preserve Earth’s integrity by offering solutions to environmental hazards. Our know-how and our products protect the environment against ionising radiation and hazardous substances in a preventively active, constructive and effective manner.

There has been radioactive radiation since the beginning of the universe. Humans have always been exposed to this natural radiation. It comes from outer space and from naturally radioactive substances in the air, water and ground.

In our technological era, we have also seen artificially created radioactivity, produced by nuclear power stations, x-ray units and other medical devices.

Ionising radiation, be it natural or artificial, can damage people and the environment. We therefore have legal limits. We see to it that these limits are observed. We thus assume responsibility for the protection of people, nature and the environment.

Hinneburg GmbH assumes responsibility

Our competences in plant engineering and jigmaking range from consultancy, development, design and production to an assembly on your site. The name Hinneburg stands for shielding, as it were, and for insiders is a really relevant brand. Hinneburg GmbH provides a globally unique concept for a reduction of the level of ionising radiation people may be exposed to.

We provide our customers from sectors like nuclear technology, medicine, research and industry a unique know-how and will develop special and unique solutions for you, too.



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