Productive protection

We want to provide a productive radiation protection. Our extensive knowledge of how to maintain nuclear plants and the resultant experiences allow us to come up with good estimates of the scope of the radiation-protection job we face. Given our shielding competence and our experience in the maintenance of nuclear plants, when it comes to radiation protection we enjoy a high acceptance.

For Hinneburg GmbH, productive radiation protection means:

  • We not only want to measure the level of ionising radiation, we also help people to avoid radiation.
  • Our radiation protection staff pro-actively avoid waste!
  • Our radiation protection staff use protective clothing effectively!
  • We derive measures for a continuous improvement of our radiation protection activities from their documentation.
  • Training and advanced training comes first for our radiation protection specialists.

On demand, we can send you staff with the following qualifications:

  • Radiation protection technicians (Strahlenschutztechniker) (PSI)
  • Radiation protection specialists (Strahlenschutzfachkräfte) (IHK)
  • VGB radiation protection workers (VGB-Strahlenschutzwerker) (IHK)

It goes without saying that we are licensed under the Employee Leasing Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz; AÜG).