Grown know-how

Dieter Hinneburg Sr.’s experiences gained during the deconstruction of the nuclear plant on board the NS Otto Hahn research vessel and in other areas form the basis of Hinneburg GmbH’s know-how in nuclear disposal.

Decontaminat plants

Hinneburg GmbH builds special plants for you. We plan and design decontamination plants and can assemble and maintain your plant. In order to get you a perfect result, we cooperate with companies that produce high-pressure jet sprayers, ultrasound facilities and mechanical decontamination facilities.

Lead/sodium smelting plants

We have a huge know-how when it comes to smelting lead from nuclear components. We provide you with smelting furnaces, including staff for a decontamination through an on-site remelting process. We also have smelting facilities for smelting lead or metals from nuclear components at up to 600C.

Deconstruction of nuclear plants

We can deconstruct metallic components in nuclear plants. Get in touch with us!

Products and services:

  • Decontamination facilities
  • Sheet (metal) decontamination machines
  • Skeleton decontamination machines
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs