The radiation-level-reduction system

We specialise upon shielding and ionising radiation. Hinneburg GmbH provides you with a globally unique radiation-level reduction system. The Hinneburg shielding system is an integrated solution, from its design to its realisation.

The system covers all areas, from design and production to assembly, and it is the right solution for you, too. It will be implemented by staff who have special know-how and meet your requirements by using a refined system of shielding materials, design aids and a customised logistics system.

Expert reports

We will prepare for you comprehensive expert reports with the objective of furnishing you proposals for an optimisation of your shielding facilities to reduce the radiation level and to protect against vibratory ground motion.

We will also advise you on the planning of projects and any attendant shielding measures.

Temporary shielding: professional and effective

One of Hinneburg GmbH’s strong points is that it has the right solution exactly when it is required. Within the framework of plant revisions, we provide you with a comprehensive temporary shielding service. In more than two decades, we have gained experiences in the planning and design of shielding measures and by applying the Hinneburg shielding system, which covers the entire temporary shielding cycle.

We develop and produce modern shielding components, their fixtures and logistical transport solutions and solutions for the storage of materials.

The Hinneburg shielding system’s hardware:

Shielding materials:

  • Shielding plates
  • Serial mouldings for shields

Structures and lifting materials:

  • Auxiliary shielding materials
  • Auxiliary structures and skeletons

Logistical tools and facilities:

  • Means of conveyance
  • Means of storage

Our specialist shielding staff

To shield against ionising radiation you require specialist staff that have the right know-how and know what to do and why. And we can provide you with such staff. Having developed the Hinneburg shielding system, we know what is important. We analyse our activities on a continuous basis and optimise our Hinneburg shielding system accordingly.

Our staff are trained to operate all new features and that is why they are so successful. By applying the Hinneburg shielding system, teams of 6 to 12 can fix 60 to 200t of shielding materials at temporary shields, and it will only take them a few working days, too.